Randah was born in Hama, Syria. She graduated with a degree in finance from Damascus University. Her original love for crafts and art kept growing, and she later learned crocheting, silk painting and embroidery at the hands of Syrian craftspeople.

Aisha was born in Damascus, Syria. She graduated with a degree in English literature from Damascus University, Faculty of Arts. Growing up in Damascus, she has always been fascinated by the beauty of the Syrian artwork. Her passion for art and her talent in handmade sewing bloomed when her father bought her a sewing machine in her teenage years. This inspired her to learn, imagine, and master the skills of artistic design.

Tantana : Our art is made to order.

We, Randa & Aisha, specialize in sewing and embroidery of home linens , prayer gowns and bridal sets.
Our art's mission is to stay in touch with our Syrian taste and culture.
Our vision is to create a mosaic that merges the Syrian and Canadian cultures together.

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