Maya Chiha is an interior designer and artist. 

She graduated from Damascus University of Fine Arts and her field was interior design.

Maya moved to Canada with her husband and her two daughters in 2016 and settled in Mississauga.

Maya has extensive experience in interior design. She paints on glass inspired by old Damascus and paints on canvases with oil and acrylic paint.

She has participated in several exhibitions in  Canada:

  • 2019 Carassauga Festival of Culture

  • 2019 Syrian Canadian ART Council Exhibition

  • 2019 Mesopotamia Group Exhibition

  • 2017 Ladies of Syria Exhibition

  • 2017 One of a Kind Show Exhibition

  • 2017 Mesopotamia Group Exhibition

  • 2016 CNE Canadian National Exhibition

  • 2016 Carassauga Festival of Culture

In the two years prior to coming to Canada, Maya worked as a chief designer at The Syrian Trust for Development. She was the interior designer of 12 handicrafts shops at the old market in Damascus. Her design included the 12 chandeliers. She also painted hundreds of glass pieces of chandeliers. Maya also taught Basic Design Skills at the Arab International University in Damascus,

Syria in 2010-2011.

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