Why Join the Syrian Canadian Art Council (SCAC)?


The SCAC is a not for profit organization and the membership is Essential to support the necessary needs for the operation in proficient and effective ways for the benefits of all members. 

The main benefits to being part of the SCAC is:

  1. Be eligible to attend the annual general meeting and the special members meetings and receive voting privileges.

  2.  Your profile and portfolio will be added free in the member’s directory in our web page and social media.  

  3. Our media channels shows a videos of your works.

  4. Promote your works by the participation in a free exhibition or arts show in different Places.It could be some additional charges in case we participate in a private art show and depends on the place and the organizer conditions. 

  5. Participate in SCAC events and programmes.

  6. Getting access to special events supported by the federal or provincial or municipal government or non-government organizations.