Issam is a Canadian Syrian Artist, was born and raised in Maarat Alnuman a city in north west part of Syria, home of one of the largest mosaic museums in the world and has been fascinated by the art of mosaic since very young age. He followed his dream by graduating from the institute of mosaic in Syria, and supported his study by attending course and training in Italy.

Issam specialize in classic and modern mosaic with wealth of knowledge and experience in making, restoring, and incorporating marble, glass, ceramic, and metals. Issam worked at The National Museum of Mosaic in Syria for over 15 years in restoring very ancient mosaic artifacts and taught mosaic to hundreds of students.

Issam has participated in several international mosaic exhibitions in Greece, Italy, France, Spain and UK, he has also conducted many national mosaic exhibitions in Syria and has participated in many exhibitions in Canada .

Issam is a resident of Ontario since 2009 and he is a member of Craft Ontario since 2012.

Currently he develop his handmade unique line of jewelry using combination of mosaic and precious metals.