About SCAC​

The Syrian Canadian Arts Council is a non-profit organization established in the city of Mississauga in the year of 2019 after the massive growth of the Syrian community in the GTA. Its main objectives are: 

  1. To assist the Syrian immigrant and refugee artists and engage them in Canadian communities by helping them promote their arts and by assisting with all marketing aspects, including social media and marketing.

  2. To organize special events and cultural activities in order to potentiate the interaction between local cultural initiatives and Syrian artists such as workshops and exhibitions.

  3. To develop cultural and artistic projects.

  4. To promote research, creativity and diffusion of culture and the arts.

  5. To participate in debates, seminars and conferences in order to be part of the current debates on artistic mobility and cultural research.

  6. To protect and preserve the Syrian heritage handicrafts and arts in Canada such as mother of pearl marquetry, mosaic, Arabic calligraphy, fabric and textiles, copper engraving, sculpturing and painting.

  7. To archive and preserve the Syrian heritage entities in Canada such as old manuscripts and documents, old photographs and prints, stamps, old coins and bank notes collections.